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Located just off the lobby, The Summit’s 5,800-square-foot Art Gallery showcases a rotating collection of thought-provoking works by local and regional artists. These carefully curated collections of contemporary art change multiple times a year with each new installation unveiled at a gallery opening reception. We invite you to tour the Art Gallery during your stay, and to join us for an opening event.

Rick Mallette: Filling the Void

Current Art Installation

Rick Mallette: Filling the Void                                       

The Gallery at the Summit Hotel is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, Rick Mallette: Filling the Void. For this exhibition, the gallery presents large-scale murals and paintings by Cincinnati-based artist Rick Mallette. Reading much like automatic drawings, Mallette's pieces are distinguished by the highly animated movement of their biomorphic imagery. Bursting with energy, these shapes float abstractly against almost claustrophobic grounds, and with few places for the eye to rest, offer unending surprises for the viewer.

Past Installations

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Denise Burge · John Lanzador · Sherri Lynn Wood

Material Witness

Michael Stillion · Alicia Little

Beyond Things

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