The Story of Maxwell Spotlight on Cincinnati's
United Pet Fund

It’s difficult to put into words the impact a beloved pet has on our lives. But if you’ve encountered a golden dog at The Summit Hotel, you’ve had a glimpse into the effect a dog named Maxwell has had on our community.

Maxwell was a Golden Retriever. As the runt of his litter, his small size and humble nature were no indication of the legacy he would leave behind. With his auburn coat, Maxwell was a fixture at his owner’s side, steering her away from icy patches on winter walks and wading into the Ault Park fountain on hot summer days. He loved running errands (especially those that involved a doggy treat from a drive-through) and riding in convertibles.

Most of all, he just loved. Maxwell loved other people, loved his owner, and with his sensitivity to how others were feeling, brought love to his surroundings.

When Maxwell succumbed to cancer, his owner made generous donations to United Pet Fund (UPF), a local non-profit, in his honor.

United Pet Fund: From Small Charity to Million Dollar Donor/Resource

When they received the donation, UPF was a small charity providing educational seminars to volunteers who ran animal rescue organizations and using an inefficient system of small storage areas to distribute pet supplies to shelters in need. Their resources, like their funds, were limited.

With the donation from Maxwell’s family, UPF was able to realize a long-awaited goal: securing a warehouse distribution center and stocking it full of donated pet food, kitty litter, dog toys and other supplies from companies like Procter & Gamble,, and Blue Buffalo. They can now better serve shelters, helping to relieve the worry of obtaining food, funds, medicines and more, so staff and volunteers can focus on the animals in their care.

In 2017 alone, UPF distributed more than $2 million in resources to more than 100 animal organizations.

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The Summit Hotel also seeks to support UPF. Our owner’s close ties to Maxwell and Maxwell’s own dedication to spreading joy made it an easy choice for us. Want to help? Purchase your own Maxwell in the hotel shop, and part of the proceeds will be donated to United Pet Fund. All funds raised will be matched by Max Memories, an account created by an anonymous donor and fan of Maxwell. You can take Maxwell home, and know you’re helping shelters and advocacy groups all over the Midwest, from Muncie, Indiana to southern Kentucky, and sometimes even as far away as the U.S. Virgin Islands where UPF sent crates of Puppy Pads after Hurricane Maria.

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Maxwell and Maxine cards, designed by local artist Robin Ewers, are available for purchase in Palette for $1.

Want to help even more? Visit to make a donation, become a member or even volunteer at pet health days.

Thanks to Maxwell's legacy, his love -- and impact -- are endless.